The 20 Best Restaurants On Florida’s 30A

Here are our favorite places to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on your next trip to 30A.

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30A was once Florida’s best-kept secret, but now that the secret is undeniably out, families and friends come from all over to enjoy the white-sand beaches, bright blue waters, and idyllic walkable communities located along the scenic road. Perched on the northwest Gulf Coast of Florida, 30A (which refers to an actual local two-lane highway in South Walton County, known as County Road 30A) spans roughly 20 miles along the Florida coastline, between Destin and Panama City. No matter which community you’re staying in—we cover them all in our Ultimate Guide To Florida’s 30A—there are so many unique restaurants to visit in between bike rides and beach days. 

Here are our favorite places to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even dessert on 30A. 

Best Breakfast Spots on 30A

Black Bear Bread Co.

This all-day café offers pastry cases full of homemade baked goods for breakfast and beyond, as well as a full menu. Visit its two locations, one in Seaside and one in Grayton Beach, which has an attached bar room where you can grab a happy-hour drink and snacks. 

Black Bear Bread Co
Robbie Caponetto

Great Southern Café

For those looking for classic Southern breakfast plates, plus special bites like beignets for the table, this bungalow located in Seaside serves up one of the most popular breakfasts on 30A. It’s also open for lunch and dinner, but make sure to pencil in time for the often-long waitlist. 

Raw & Juicy

Get a healthy start to your day at this organic smoothie café in picturesque Alys Beach. In addition to fresh-squeezed juices, colorful smoothies, and acai bowls, the breakfast menu also has savory options like a vegan biscuit sandwich and potato skillet. 

Best Lunch Restaurants on 30A

Cowgirl Kitchen

This nothing-fancy canteen is an easy place to saddle up for a casual lunch. The menu is Southwestern-inspired with salads, sandwiches, and tacos, including fresh Florida grouper tacos. The original location resides in Rosemary Beach, but you can also visit a second location in Blue Mountain Beach. 

The Perfect Pig

An all-day eatery with Southern-meets-French fare, this restaurant is known for its sandwiches that make for a “perfect” post-beach meal, along with hearty salads and brunch-esque dishes like quiche. It has three locations along 30A that you can visit depending on where you’re staying. 

Airstream Row

More of a collection of unique airstream food concepts, this area is smack-dab on the main 30A drag in Seaside. Head to Frost Bites for Hawaiian shaved ice, Barefoot BBQ for smoked meats and sides, The Meltdown for artisanal grilled cheeses, or Wild Bill’s Beach Dogs for a quick lunch bratwurst with all the toppings. 

Airstream Row
Robbie Caponetto

Taco Bar

Just steps away from Seaside’s public beach access, this taqueria serves up Mexican cuisine and margaritas that you can take to-go as you walk around nearby shops or head back down to the beach. It’s also an ideal place to grab kiddos a quick snack when they get hungry. 

Seagrove Village Market

This old-school seafood spot dates back to 1949, but has gone under renovations in recent years. Located in Seagrove at the cross-section of 30A and County Road 395, it’s easily accessible via bike from nearby communities Watercolor, Seaside, Seagrove, and Grayton Beach. Go for a casual flip-flop-friendly lunch or dinner, and order its signature fried seafood baskets that come with hushpuppies. 

Best Dinner Restaurants on 30A

Bud & Alley’s

It’s easy to recognize this iconic dinner restaurant, which has arguably the best view in the area of the sunset and the Seaside Obelisk. You can make reservations for the downstairs portion of the restaurant, but the upstairs deck is first-come-first-serve (and offers the prettiest view). Make sure to try Bud’s legendary crab cakes! It is also open for lunch. 

Florida: Bud and Alley’s Restaurant
Rush Jagoe


Perhaps the winner for most charming restaurant on 30A, George’s is housed in a shingled cottage with a breezy wraparound porch, outdoor courtyard seating, and a rooftop cocktail deck. It’s imperative to arrive early to put your name down, since it does not take reservations. Enjoy a Southern-with-a-twist menu.


This Italian trattoria is located amongst a collection of shops and restaurants near Grayton Beach. The dimly lit dining room is the perfect setting for a romantic dinner with authentic pasta dishes and house-made focaccia bread that comes complimentary to each table with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. 


This tiny hidden gem is hard to find, but once you have, you’ll return again and again. It’s been a local favorite for over 20 years and features unique Asian cuisine. The small bungalow is in Blue Mountain Beach and has a small indoor dining room and quaint porch that overlooks marshlands. 

Red Bar

For many people, it’s not a trip to 30A without visiting this iconic restaurant and lounge in Grayton Beach. The no-frills, mood-lit space suffered from a devastating fire in 2019, but has since reopened with the same energy and style of the original building. Catch live music here almost every day of the week during high season. 

red bar exterior
Rush Jagoe

The Citizen

This newer addition to the 30A restaurant scene has already become a popular gathering spot in Alys Beach. The fancified seaside tavern is friendly for larger groups and a great starting place to grab cocktails. Head there early for an oyster happy hour, and choose from a menu of elevated coastal cuisine. 


If you’re looking for beautiful views, this rooftop restaurant and bar is the place to post up for the characteristic pastel swirls of a 30A sunset. Located in Rosemary Beach, it is ideal for groups who want to try different things, as many of the dishes are shareable, such as the seafood paella. The bar is open before dinner service for cocktails only, and there’s also a weekend brunch. 

Pescado 30A

Robbie Caponetto

Old Florida Fish House

This family-friendly restaurant sits on the cusp of Eastern Lake, the dune lake nestled between Seagrove and Seacrest. Few places in the world feature the type of dune lakes that are in the 30A area, so this indoor-outdoor hangout spot gives a dreamy glimpse, especially at sunset. The attire is casual, and an extensive menu offers something for everyone. 

Best Dessert Spots on 30A

La Crema

This cozy nook in Rosemary Beach is dedicated fully to Spanish-style tapas and chocolate. Yes, chocolate. It’s perfect for dropping in after dinner for a nightcap and its popular chocolate fondue, amongst other desserts and confections. You can even order sipping chocolate with various add-ons and customizations. 

Modica Market

This small family-run grocery and gourmet deli has been a staple in Seaside for over 30 years and was featured in the locally-filmed Truman Show. While you can drop in from morning to night for any essentials or premade items from the deli counter (including breakfast biscuits), one of the biggest draws is the colorful pastry case filled with layer cakes. Choose from over 10 kinds of cake and pie by the slice. On a lucky day, you can get the homemade banana pudding before it sells out.

The Sugar Shak

You might hear about this candy shop from kids begging their parents to visit during a trip to Rosemary Beach. You’ll find it close to the town post office, and it contains new and old-school sweets along with an ice cream parlor. Pick out candies to take home, or order an ice cream dessert to enjoy while walking around town. 

Dawson’s Yogurt & Fudgeworks

This throwback frozen yogurt joint in Seaside’s town circle is known to accrue quite the long line during the busy season. Order soft-serve, fudge, and even its beloved chocolate-covered Key lime pie on a stick. 

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