Ben And Erin Napier Are “Never Apart,” Reveal Being Together Is The “Only Way” They Can Function

Togetherness is the Mississippi power couple’s secret sauce.

Between their countless projects and raising young kids, you might think that Ben and Erin Napier get tired of each other, when, in fact, the opposite is true. 

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, the Home Town couple addressed their near constant togetherness, and how they’ve come to rely on it.

"We're never apart," Erin confirmed.

"We totally get that not everybody functions that way, but we do, and it's the only way we can," Ben, who still writes her daily love letters, added. 

Ben and Erin met as students at Jones College in Ellisville, Mississippi, in 2004, when they were 21 and 19, respectively. They were married four years later, in 2008. 

In a lot of ways, the HGTV power couple grew up together. 

"We've formed our adult identities around each other,” Erin explained to ET. “This is the only way we know how to be grownups."

"It's a well-oiled machine, absolutely," Ben said of their marriage. "We apply [that] to everything in our lives, our spiritual life, our parenting life, our work life, our relationship life."

The couple welcomed their first daughter, Helen, in 2018, and their second, Mae, in 2021.

“I was already a softie, but now Helen will be dancing to Haim in the morning... while Mae is toddling around eating a banana. I’m a puddle,” Ben told ET. “They’re just so little and innocent.”

“I’ve never been worried about getting older or mortality or anything until I had little girls,” he added. “Now I can’t stop it, I can’t hold onto it... It is the worst and the best.”

Season 2 of Home Town Takeover premiered Sunday night on HGTV.

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