Exclusive: Ben And Erin Napier Unveil New Retail Store Dedicated To Fragrance

Laurel Mercantile Scent Library opens this weekend!

Laurel Mercantile Scent Library
Laurel Mercantile Scent Library. Photo:

Erin Napier

Ben and Erin Napier are extending their footprint in Laurel, Mississippi, to include a retail store dedicated to fragrance. 

Introducing: Laurel Mercantile Scent Library!

Speaking exclusively with Southern Living, Erin shared that the new library-themed brick-and-mortar shop —located across the street from Laurel Mercantile—will sell all the beloved Mercantile fragrances they’ve launched over the years with a fun, interactive twist. 

Laurel Mercantile Scent Library

Erin Napier

“The store is going to be such a unique experience, with fragrances grouped by subject like you'd find in a library,” Erin explained. “Periodicals (seasonal), architecture, gardening, travel, archives and classics, and adventure!” 

Doors open with candles, hand soap, room spray and more available in approximately 50 scents. Shoppers will receive “library cards” to keep track of their purchases. They’ll function like loyalty cards and reward you for repeated shopping with a free candle. 

Erin first teased the project back in September. The Home Town star shared a photo of the storefront on Instagram along with a mysterious caption.

“It is KILLING me that I can’t show you what we’ve been working on the last few months but it’s going to be so worth it when we finally do,” she teased.

Erin and Ben have been busy lately. In addition to moving into their new house in the country, the building that now houses Laurel Mercantile Scent Library was in “total disrepair” when they bought it. We’re talking no floors, no roof, and no windows upstairs. After a complete gut job and some Napier magic, it’s ready for business.  

"I just wanted a store that's really an experience," Erin told Southern Living editor in chief Sid Evans in a new episode of Biscuits & Jam. "It's like walking into a miniaturized Boston Public Library and there's candles everywhere and room sprays and soaps, so it's going to be a very unique experience that I don't think anyone's ever seen before."

“It’s so exciting!” Erin said. 

The Laurel Mercantile Scent Library will open to the public on Sunday, November 6. 

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