19 Wall Paint Ideas To Freshen Up Your Bedroom

From timeless creams and neutrals to bold hues of reds and blues

Hanna Seabrook Master Bedroom in Louisville, Kentucky
Photo: Hector Manuel Sanchez; Styling: Elly Poston Cooper

While picking the comfiest mattress, plushest pillows, and coziest comforter are all important elements for creating your best night's sleep, paint color is one of the simplest ways to make a big impact on the feeling of the room. Your bedroom walls are the last thing you see at night and the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning, so it’s important to really consider how you’re setting the tone of the space. While you may have moved on from the hot pinks and lime greens of your childhood bedroom, when it comes to choosing a paint color, the options still feel endless. Not to mention, picking the right paint goes beyond just the color: You have to consider the finish too. A high-gloss finish can completely change the look of the same color with a matte or eggshell finish. While glossy walls are more commonly used to make a statement (like in a wet bar), if you’re looking for a high-energy bedroom, then gloss it up. Alternately, for a more soothing feel, go with a matte or eggshell finish. From paint finishes to paint colors, whether you prefer a blank slate using whites and creams, the calming properties of blues and purples, or the energy from pinks and yellows—here are some of our favorite bedroom wall paint ideas. 

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Bring The Outside In

Idea House 2020 Guest Bedroom with Warm Neutral Colors
Robbie Caponetto; Styling: Kendra Surface

A moody green sets the perfect tone for nature lovers. Here, designer Lauren Liess chose Sherwin-Williams Momentum (SW 9530) for the guest bedroom to tie in the scenery of the house's mountainous location.

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Use More Than One Color

2022 Idea House primary bedroom

Why settle for one color when you can use two? In the 2022 Southern Living Idea House, designer Charlotte Lucas used Sherwin-Williams Carambola (SW 9667) in semi-gloss stripped with Sherwin-Williams Barely Pear (SW 9666) in eggshell to create a sophisticated and balanced look.

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Create A Blank Canvas

2021 Idea House Guest Bedroom in Yellow
Marta Xochilt Perez; Styling: Page Mullins

White isn’t always boring. By painting the walls in this guest bedroom Sherwin-Williams Cotton (SW 9581), designer Sarah Bartholomew was able to get creative with colorful accents in the textiles and artwork.

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Go For Dual Tones

Blue Bedroom with Twin Beds
Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

Take a hint from Nashville designer Stephanie Sabbe and double up on one color by using different shades of it on the walls and trim. The blue-on-blue color scheme feels sophisticated and fun. In this bedroom, she used Sherwin-Williams Niebla Azul (SW 9137) on the walls and Sherwin-Williams Blustery Sky (SW 9140) for the trim. 

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Say It With Stripes

Pass Christian Bedroom

Dane Tashima

A custom glaze with a base of Benjamin Moore Golden Beige (100) covers the walls of this bedroom turned paradise. Antiques, finds from all over and carefully thought of color reinforces what the owners call the Palm Beach-meets-Bahamas-meets-Fantasy Island vibe.

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Save Color For The Trim

2021 Idea House Main Bedroom in Blue and White
Marta Xochilt Perez; Styling: Page Mullins

Want to add interest while keeping the walls simple? Try elevating the room with clean walls and a colorful trim. Here, the designer opted for Sherwin-Williams Cotton (SW 9581) on the walls while adding color to the trim and windows with Sherwin-Williams Silver Lake (SW 9633).

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Warm It Up

2021 Idea House Brown Bedroom
Marta Xochilt Perez; Styling: Page Mullins

Brown might not be the first color that comes to mind when thinking about your bedroom walls, but it sure makes for a cozy room. Sherwin-Williams Tea Leaf (SW 9604) is just unexpected and playful enough for those who want to experiment but aren’t looking for a bright color.

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Opt For Tranquility

2019 Idea House Mother-in-Law Suite Guest Bedroom
Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Liz Strong

Designer Heather Chadduck selected a calming color palette for this mother-in-law suite for guests. Drawing inspiration from the artwork, she used Sherwin-Williams Lullaby (SW 9136) on the walls to compliment the patterned wallpaper on the ceiling.

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Pick A Playful Color

Meg Kelly's 1960s Ranch Remodel Green Bedroom
Alison Gootee; Styling: Matthew Gleason

Don’t be afraid of making a statement when it comes to paint. When designer Meg Kelly was renovating her Nashville home, she chose to make the bedroom extra spunky by covering the walls in Sherwin-Williams Arugula (SW 6446). 

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Make Your Own Wallpaper

2021 Idea House Twin Bedroom
Marta Xochilt Perez; Styling: Page Mullins

Wallpaper can be expensive, but you can create your own with paint and a creative design. For a more subtle approach, use a light color as the base and a darker color for the design—or vice versa for more of a statement. In the 2021 Idea House, designer Sarah Bartholomew used Sherwin-Williams Cotton (SW 9581) as the base with Sherwin-Williams Azure Tide (SW 9684) stenciled on top.

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Be Peachy

1960s Ranch Remodel Pink Bedroom
Alison Gootee; Styling: Matthew Gleason

For a soft and whimsical feeling bedroom with a feminine touch, try a paint color in a shade of blush or peach. This homeowner opted for Farrow & Ball's Pink Ground, No. 202.

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Choose Bold Accents

Idea House 2022 downstairs guest room

Want to use wallpaper but still incorporate paint on the walls? Follow in Charlotte Lucas’s footsteps by choosing an adventurous color like Sherwin-Williams Morning at Sea (SW 9634) to accent your wallpaper.

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Spice It Up

2018 Idea House in Austin, Texas Guest Bedroom
Photo: Hector Manuel Sanchez; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

While creams and whites lend themselves to a classic feel, we love an unusual color for the bedroom. For this guest bedroom, designer Meredith Ellis selected a shade of rusty orange, Sherwin-Williams Cavern Clay (SW 7701), to create a cozy spot. 

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Keep It Simple

Hanna Seabrook Master Bedroom in Louisville, Kentucky
Hector Manuel Sanchez; Styling: Elly Poston Cooper

Neutral hues often provide a timeless feel. These blue-gray walls painted in Benjamin Moore Mountain Mist (868) create the perfect backdrop for a mix of antiques and warm accents.

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Make It Cheery

Fran Keenan Birmingham Cottage Boys Bedroom
Hector Manuel Sanchez

Hues of yellow from shades of marigold to butter yellows can brighten up any space. To bring in warmth with a fun tone to her boy’s room, designer Fran Keenan chose a golden yellow with hints of green. For a similar look, try Sun Valley by Benjamin Moore (350).

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Bring On The Deep Blues

Adaptive Cottage House Plan Primary Bedroom
Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Kathryn Lott

Blue bedrooms aren’t just for the boys. This primary bedroom is painted in a soothing shade of navy, Sherwin-Williams Naval (SW 6244), which gives depth to the room and is balanced by the white bedding and light-colored accents. 

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Go Back To The Basics

Guest bedroom
Dane Tashima; Styling by Raina Kattelson

There’s nothing wrong with a classic cream. It’s subtle, dependable, and very versatile. It brings warmth into a space while still allowing for pops of color in the decor. While a crisp white has its place, a creamy white like Benjamin Moore Simply White (OC-117) provides depth while creating a go-with-anything space.

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Fill It With Color

Fran Keenan Birmingham Cottage Girls Bedroom
Hector Manuel Sanchez

To create a room with energy, select a fun and bold color. For her daughter's room, designer Fran Keenan used an adventurous pink and complemented it with equally colorful accents. To achieve this look, try a shade like Farrow & Ball Middleton Pink, No. 245.

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Give Gray A Go

Adaptive Cottage House Plan Twin Bedroom
Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Kathryn Lott

Gray doesn’t have to be stale. If you want a neutral base with more personality than a classic shade of white, try a light gray. You can find it in a variety of hues to compliment your decor. Here, designer Kathryn Lott used Sherwin-Williams Gateway Gray (SW 7644) on the walls.

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