This Genius Amazon Gadget Will Get You Excited About Making The Bed

Make a better bed? You bet.

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Bed MadeEZ Bed Maker and Mattress Lifter Tool


Making the bed is probably one of those mindless chores that you can do in your sleep—and, honestly, I certainly have a time or two. To the point where I’ve complimented my husband on his bedmake-manship only for him to stare at me confused, trying to figure out if my comment was some kind of verbal trap, sarcasm, or truly an odd memory lapse. It was the latter, well, nine times out of ten. But even if it is a second-nature kind of gig for you too, bed making can still benefit from a tool to help with some of the heavy lifting. That’s why I’m adding the Bed MadeEZ to my Amazon cart immediately.

You know the wrestling match that making the bed can turn into, particularly if you’re the type who prefers a tightly pulled top sheet and crisp, clean corners. The Bed MadeEZ is essentially a handle, designed to either use with one hand or two, with a wedge at the end to help lift your mattress from the box spring. The box spring is essential so if you don’t have one, unfortunately, this tool will do you no favors. Once the lifter is situated, the mattress will be lifted between four to five inches, just enough to help you more effortlessly slide your linens neatly in place. 

Bed MadeEZ Bed Maker and Mattress Lifter Tool


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While the Bed MadeEZ is great for daily bedmaking, it becomes a true clutch player when it’s time to swap out the bed skirt, but you’ll want to opt for the two pack ($43.95). Forget pulling your back trying to lift the mattress with one hand while adjusting the skirt with the other. It’s enough to make you ditch the skirt altogether even knowing you’ll lose valuable underbed storage. With the mattress lifters, you can place a lift on either side of the bed and shimmy them one-by-one up toward the headboard as you place the skirt. If you have someone that can help, the job can be done in half the time. 

What might be the most genius use for the Bed MadeEZ is using it to actually tuck in your top sheet, blankets, quilts, and comforters. Shimmy it in and out as you slide it across the bottom of the mattress (note: again, it must be sitting on top of a boxspring) and it will tuck as it goes. If you’ve ever jammed a finger trying to tuck a coverlet under a king-size mattress, you know the appeal. 

Go for the two-pack if you’ll be using your mattress lifters to change bed skirts, otherwise, a single handle should do the job. Your morning tidying routine is about to get a whole lot easier.

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