15 Bathroom Organization Ideas We Love

Basket Under Sink


If you’re struggling to make your bathroom as functional as it could be, you’re going to want to make note of these 15 useful organization ideas. Even those who are super tight on space can implement these tricks, we promise! You’re just a few simple steps from majorly upgrading your loo. We have to admit that these solutions are pretty aesthetically pleasing, too.

Whether you need to create more storage space in a small bathroom or simply want to make your bathroom more functional, these bathroom organization ideas are sure to help you make the most of every inch of your space.

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Make Use of a Three-Drawer Organizer

Three Drawer Bathroom Oranizer


Three-drawer organizing systems come in handy all throughout the house, whether you’re filling them with craft supplies, winter gear, or in this case, small items such as extra washcloths and toiletries. Choose an organizer that compliments your interior style—the rattan piece shown here definitely adds style to this bathroom.

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Set Up a Leaning Shelf

Leaning Bathroom Shelf


If your bathroom has a bit more wall space, you can also introduce a leaning shelf into the mix. This one holds a mix of functional and decorative items. Plants, perfume bottles, and candles can sit out in the open, while storage bins can house things like makeup, jewelry, and more.

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Add a Small Tray

Small Tray in Bathroom


You can never run out of uses for a small tray in any room of the house, and in the bathroom, using a tray is a great way to keep track of everyday creams and lotions, medicine bottles, and other tiny essentials. Place a tray next to the sink where you will easily spot it every time you step into the bathroom.

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Try This Hack for Towel Storage

Rack for Towel Storage


Keep clean towels within reach at all times by installing a wall storage system like this one. It not only adds a luxe, hotel-like feel to the bathroom, but it also frees up space in your linen closet and makes it easy to keep track of exactly how many towels you have clean at all times.

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Hang Some Hooks

Hooks for Hanging Towels


Extra hooks are particularly useful in a shared bathroom, where multiple housemates or family members are storing their washcloths, robes, and the like. Designate a hook for each sibling or individual to keep things orderly.

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Introduce Accent Furniture

Nightstand in Bathroom


A nightstand in the bedroom? Hey, why not! A small piece of accent furniture can add decorative flair to the bathroom while still housing the essentials. Why settle for plastic storage bins when you have room for a sophisticated looking wooden piece like this one?

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Install Wall Shelves

Install Wall Shelves in Bathroom


Wall shelves certainly don’t have to be large to make an impact. These small wooden ones provide extra storage for bath and shower supplies while adding visual interest to what would otherwise be an empty corner of the bathroom.

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Repurpose a Woven Basket

Repurpose Woven Baskets


Have an extra lidded basket on hand? Bring it into the bathroom, where you can fill it up with extra toilet paper or towels. Tuck it neatly under the sink to make the most of limited square footage.

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Decant the Basics

Jars on Bathroom Shelf


Say goodbye to packaging that doesn’t mesh with your aesthetic and decant bath salts, cotton balls, Q-tips, and other key supplies into see-through storage containers. You’ll always be able to tell when you’re running low on something important, too.

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Invest in Plastic Organizers

Plastic Organizers in Bathroom Cabinet


Rather than stuffing all of your bathroom extras into a closet and calling it a day, take the time to pick up some plastic organizers and sort items by category (a label maker can come in handy here, too). The next time you have a cut or run out of toothpaste, you won’t be wondering where exactly to locate the band-aids or extra bottle of Crest.

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Pick Up Stackable Bins

Stackable Bins Under Cabinet


Stackable organizers are also ideal if your storage space is more limited. These are excellent for keeping track of smaller items; you can even house your everyday makeup in a bin like this.

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Install a Dainty Wall Shelf

Wall Shelf in Bathroom


Grab a floating shelf and paint it the same color as your bathroom walls to fake a built-in look. You now have a darling spot to place perfume bottles and soap.

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Hang a Medicine Cabinet

Hang a Medicine Cabinet


There’s nothing wrong with hanging a good old-fashioned medicine cabinet in your bathroom. Bonus: Is there anything more fun than arranging skincare products by color?

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Think Tall

Tall Shelf for Towels in Bathroom


In a tiny apartment bathroom, it’s important to use height to your advantage. Opt for a tall, narrow shelving system and fill it with whatever you need to keep nearby.

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Try a Hanging Basket

Basket Hanging on Wall in Bathroom


Hanging baskets aren’t just cute, they’re super handy, too! Grab one that speaks to you and fill it with towels, washcloths, or makeup wipes.

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