As far as the South is concerned, there's only one sandal fit for tiny feet.

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Salt Water Sandals
Credit: via Hoy Shoe Co.

You know you're in the South when nursery closets (of both boys and girls) are stocked with this one sandal in a rainbow of colors. It's the Sun-San Surfer and they'll be responsible for the pitter-patter of little feet throughout the South all season long.

From March through September each year you'll find them peeking out from beneath smocked dresses with crab motifs, at the bottom of wobbly legs taking their first steps, and splish-splashing through tidal pools on the gulf shores. They come in colors like pink, patterned, blue, or green. Navy and brown are adorable paired with jon jons and smocked bubbles for little boys. Little girls look darling in silver- or gold-strapped versions. But, regardless of additional colors that might appear in well-stocked wardrobes, every Southern boy and girl has a pair in white. It's an absolute must-have.

The classic style, water-friendly leather straps, brass buckles, and reasonable price point make these winners as far as Southern mamas are concerned. Sizes start at 3 Baby and are offered all the way up to 3 Little Kid. Don't worry, if you want the same style for your teensiest one check out the Sun-San See Wees. They start at size 0 Baby and feature smaller straps and an extra-flexible toe.

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