We turned to Erika Preval of Charm Etiquette in Atlanta, Georgia to answer the age-old question – "Is it appropriate to throw a baby shower for a second pregnancy?" Like wedding showers, baby showers are meant to provide the parents-to-be with everything they'll need for their new life with baby. This usually includes diapers, blankets, pacifiers, baby food, etc. Southern tradition, according to Erika, tends to lean more toward having a firstborn-only shower. For a second baby, parents likely already have some things left from their firstborn that helps ease the transition. But, modern etiquette has allowed for a few new options for your shower. Instead of hosting a traditional baby shower, maybe you'd rather have a 'Sip and See' or luncheon. These gatherings are more about giving some extra gifts to the parents-to-be rather than trying to complete a baby registry. Before you plan something, however, be sure to consult with the mother to confirm that she's comfortable with a celebration in her honor. You can tastefully pull off a celebration for the mother-to-be without getting into any etiquette conundrums.

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