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Skye Sherman

Skye Sherman is a freelance writer with more than six years of experience covering travel, transit, and all things Florida. As a (rare) fourth-generation Floridian, she has intimate knowledge of America's zaniest state. Her keen insight has been shared in publications such as Travel+Leisure, USA Today, Atlas Obscura, The Epoch Times, and many more. She is also a contributing writer and occasional contributing editor at Palm Beach Illustrated, the leading luxury lifestyle publication of South Florida, where she resides. Though she travels with her husband on a regular basis, she calls West Palm Beach home when she's not jetting off to explore.
Beloved for swimming, snorkeling, diving, wildlife-spotting, hiking, paddling, and tubing.
Florida's food scene—from fresh seafood to Publix subs to Mickey-shaped treats—is worth writing home about. 
Long walks on the beach are great and all, but have you tried strolling along a boardwalk?