Jessica Furniss

Jessica Furniss
Title: Freelance Writer, Recipe Developer, and Photographer
Location: Birmingham, Alabama
Expertise: Food Photography, Recipe Development, Charcuterie Boards, Cakes, Beverages, Cocktails, Espresso Drinks

Jessica Furniss is a writer, recipe developer, and food photographer with over 10 years experience. She specializes in creating how-to articles on baking and creative charcuterie boards for Allrecipes and Southern Living. 


  • Jessica’s food writing and photography have appeared in Food & Wine, MyRecipes, and on billboards.
  • She’s active on #drinktok with over 110k followers and over 12 million views.
  • As a food and drink tastemaker, she’s worked with brands like Warner Bros., GE Appliances, Proof Syrup, Fancy Sprinkles, and more.
  • She has cooked on live TV on Talk of Alabama and been on the Dirty Spoon radio show.
  • She’s taught food photography workshops for 5 years, teaching groups of up to 30 students in person and thousands online.
  • Learn more on her website,


  • Jessica Furniss has published more than 40 recipes and how-to guides.
  • Having learned to cook from her grandmother when she was a little girl, Jessica has been baking for over 30 years.
  • Jessica has worked in a variety of restaurant settings: she worked under a professional baker in a bagel shop and deli and was a sous chef under the tutelage of a professional chef in a large church kitchen that fed hundreds each week.
  • Jessica has been a self-employed food photographer and recipe developer for 7 years, working with dozens of clients from individual restaurants to international food publications.
  • Jessica built her TikTok following from scratch, creating and filming 3-5 drink recipes per week and garnering her more than 12 million views on the platform. 
  • Jessica has been teaching food photography workshops in-person and online for 6 years.


Jessica Furniss began her education in her southern grandmother’s kitchen with hands-on experience.

Jessica’s continuing education will be lifelong—cookbooks are her textbooks, test kitchens are her laboratories, and spending years mastering new culinary techniques are her fellowships. 

She prides herself on learning something new every day and dedicating her life’s work to food, following her passion despite the lack of opportunity to receive a formal education.

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