Introducing Southern Living's "Ask Grumpy" Podcast

Listen to the trailer and mark your calendars for our new podcast starting on April 12.

Grumpy Gardener Podcast
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About Ask Grumpy Podcast

Introducing Ask Grumpy, a new podcast featuring Steve Bender, AKA Southern Living’s Grumpy Gardener. For more than 20 years, Grumpy has been sharing advice on what to grow, when to plant, and how to manage just about anything in your garden. Tune in for short episodes every Wednesday and Saturday as Grumpy answers reader questions, solves seasonal conundrums, and provides need-to-know advice for gardeners with his very Grumpy sense of humor.

Grumpy is joined on the podcast by Southern Living's Business Manager, Nellah McGough. Each episode will feature a different question from a reader. Plus, learn about Grumpy's pick for Plant of the Week, and weekend gardening tips.

What Are The Episodes About

The podcast brings to audio what the readers and adoring fans want most: Grumpy's wise and truthful advice on what's happening in and around their gardens. As he does in his popular Southern Living magazine column and on his Facebook page, Grumpy answers real questions from people around the South, country, and world. Grumpy will also be very candid about some of the things gardeners should not do, like butcher crepe myrtles, scalp their lawns, put down rubber mulch, set loose invasive plants, and much more. He will also share his real feelings on pests like squirrels, moles, voles, and deer that devour plants.

When To Listen To New Episodes

New episodes of the podcast will air every Wednesday and Friday on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, or wherever you listen to podcasts. Not sure how to download a Podcast? Read our easy-to-follow primer.

About Steve Bender, AKA The Grumpy Gardener

Steve Bender is an award-winning author, editor, columnist, and speaker with nearly 40 years of experience as the Garden Editor, Senior Writer, and Editor-at-Large for Southern Living magazine. Known as The Grumpy Gardener to his fans, he is a highly respected expert on Southern gardening. He is the author of The Grumpy Gardener (2017) and Passalong Plants (1994), Editor and Writer of The New Southern Living Garden Book (2015), The Southern Living Landscape Book (2000), and The Southern Living Garden Problem-Solver (1999). Grumpy endeavors to make gardening fun and accessible to everyone, no matter their skill level. He shares his horticultural wisdom with Southerners and garden enthusiasts across the country. Grumpy pens a monthly question-and-answer column by that name each month in Southern Living magazine that is one of our most popular features. The column began in 2008. To keep in closer touch with his readers, he also maintains a Facebook page with the same title that is updated frequently and promises that no gardening question asked goes unanswered. More than 40,000 people follow the page.

Have a question for the podcast? Ask Grumpy here, and maybe your question will make the next episode.

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