Bored? Not so fast.

By Southern Living Editors

When the kids are home from school, but it's too cold to play outside, they may start to get antsy. These easy winter crafts for kids are the perfect way to spend the day together.

Toilet Tube Bird Feeder

If you have very young children, you'll want to stick to something simple and more hands-on. This homemade bird feeder is one of the best winter toddler crafts -- it's not too complicated and you likely already have all of the supplies at home. All you need is a cardboard toilet paper tube (or a paper towel tube cut in half), peanut butter, a knife, birdseed, ribbon, and scissors. Spread peanut butter onto the cardboard tube, roll it in a box of birdseed, and thread the ribbon through the roll and tie it together to tie to the tree, where the kids can watch birds come to eat.

Ice Ornaments

With these fun, striking ice ornaments, you'll actually be excited about the below-freezing temps. Start by filling a shallow dish with water, and partially submerge a piece of string -- one that's long enough to tie to a tree branch. Collect leftover tree trimmings, holly berries, and leaves and and place them in the water. Let the kids play with moving them around and creating different arrangements. Place them outside overnight to freeze, and in the morning, hang them from the trees outside.

Finger-Knit Scarves

Finger knitting is a great, low-maintenance activity that will occupy kids for hours, and there are no needles necessary. Get a bunch of chunky yarn -- the chunkier the better. For a braided scarf, you'll want three colors. Buy enough to make three finger knit ropes each the same length. Note that these should be about 1 1/3 greater than your desired finished length. Tie the three finished strands together with a knot and braid. Tie another knot at the end of the braid to hold the style together, trim the ends, and your kids can wear them to school the next day.

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Egg Carton Penguins

Instead of throwing away your egg cartons this winter, save them to make egg carton penguins. All you need is black and white paint, orange and white paper, sticky googly eyes, and glue. Start by having your kids paint each of the egg containers in black. Once it dries, glue the white belly (using white paper) onto the little bump that juts out of the egg carton; alternatively, have kids paint this part white -- preferably before they apply the black paint. Use the orange paper to cut out a triangle beak and rounded feet. Glue these and the eyes on.

Winter Bubble Wrap Tree

Got any leftover bubble wrap from holiday shopping? Use it to make a winter wonderland with this incredibly simple winter craft. To make winter bubble wrap trees, start with a sheet of blue paper and black paint. Have your child use the black to paint trees on the paper. Then brush a coat of white paint over the bubble wrap. Stamp the trees with the painted bubble wrap to make a snow scene.

Snowy Pine Cone Owl

We love the idea of using pine cones from the yard to make this adorable snow owl. Start by tearing up a handful of cotton balls and stuffing them into the grooves of the pine cone. Work your way around, making sure to add ample cotton to create a fluffy, feather-like texture. Use different-colored felt to make the rest of the owl features: a pair of wings, a small oval for the head, a slightly smaller oval or heart for the face, and a small orange beak. Glue these on and add googly eyes. This is one of our favorite Winter crafts for kids.