Stacey Little, the Alabama food blogger behind Southern Bite shares a rich and creamy dip made with his favorite food: greens.

By Stacey Little
Turnip Greens Dip
Credit: Stacey Little

It's been said that as a child, I would turn down a bowl of ice cream for a bowl of greens. Be they collards, turnip greens, or mustard greens, I've always been a huge fan. My grandfather almost always grew all three, so it was easy to walk out the back door and grab a mess of greens for supper out of one of his two sprawling gardens.

With a green thumb for sure, that man could grow anything. I remember walking the rows with him, tugging on his faded overalls pelting him with my litany of questions. It always fascinated me how seeds had been passed down for generations in his family and that those tiny seeds would always produce a bounty. He'd carefully gather the seeds from the dried plants at the end of the season and prepare them for planting the next year. I fondly remember okra, greens, cabbage, peas, peanuts, potatoes, tomatoes, squash, cantaloupe, watermelon, and more coming out of his gardens. He loved tending those rows. And I loved being there with him.

I think it was seeing how seeds turn into plants and blooms grow into vegetables that made me such a vegetable lover. I've always said that if more kids had a hand in growing vegetables, they'd be more likely to try them. I've seen that with my son and our own little backyard garden. Jack has been much more likely to try things he knew he grew.

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This Turnip Greens Dip is one of my most favorite ways to get in some of my favorite veggies. Though it's not the most healthy way to eat our greens, this creamy dip has tons of smoky flavor from bacon and is the perfect appetizer. Even folks who claim to not like turnip greens have devoured this. It's great served warm with tortilla chips or with my scoop of choice—pork skins!

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