The best of the best.

Disclaimer: this taste-test proved to be more challenging than most. Tortilla chips only slightly differ in flavor, making it difficult to articulate why one was better than the other. Was it the level of saltiness or how the chip crunched? Was it the way it would pair with your favorite salsa or guacamole? While there was a surprising favorite among Southern Living editors, every single bag was devoured.

WINNER – Golden Flake Tortilla Chips

That’s right. The popular potato chip brand actually sells incredible tortilla chips. Golden Flake won by a landslide; it scored double the votes of the next best brand. Gasp. The overwhelming feedback centered on the deep corn flavor – making the chip hardy in taste. Most folks agreed these chips had the perfect amount of salt. The darker and more robust chip was the clear favorite.

2 - Mission Tortilla Triangles

If you prefer a very salty chip, Mission Tortilla Triangles are the way to go. Everyone decided these would pair nicely with a milder dip, like bean or humus. Thicker in consistency, this chip would support even the heaviest of dips.

3 - Xochitl White Corn Chips

Coming in at third place are the Xochitl White Corn Chips. The most notable characteristic of this brand is the incredibly thin texture. Several folks agreed this style of tortilla chip is the most authentic choice. Fair warning though, these chips would be the perfect choice for a light salsa, but a heavy queso would break them into several small pieces.

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4 – Santitas Tortilla Chips

Santitas Tortilla Chips were not the crowd favorite because of the tremendously bland taste. The salt was very noticeable, while the corn flavor was completely absent. The hardness of the chip made some folks think it was stale. But, if you have a very flavorful dip, Santitas could be the way to go.

5 – Tostitos

Last but not least was Tostitos. While this is actually the go-to brand for most of our editors, the main complaint: nothing too suprising about the flavor. (Perhaps because we're snacking on them a little too much.)