There's really no benefit in waiting until the last day in December.

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Sure, you could wait until December, sign up for a gym or yoga studio, download a budget app, or get an extra hour of sleep every night.

Or, you could embrace the changing season and swap New Year's resolutions for autumn resolutions instead. PureWow makes a convincing case for starting fall resolutions: "If conventional resolutions tend to leave you feeling overwhelmed—a full year stretching out ahead is somehow both nebulous and stressful—a fourth-quarter goal is more like a bite-size, clearly defined task that's much easier to wrap your head around," writes Carolyn Kuang-Chen Stanley.

Moreover, even if your school days are long behind you, there's a certain fresh energy the fall season ushers in that may inspire you to tackle your goals more effectively. Since it's typically nicer weather in the fall, if your goals include getting more exercise or spending more time with loved ones, it's easier to motivate yourself when temps aren't frigid or roads blanketed in snow. Even grocery shopping for healthier food proves more approachable when the weather is nicer outside.

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Another great reason to take on fall resolutions? It tends to be less hectic with travel and holiday plans, making it ideal for carving out more time to accomplish your goals.

On that note, we've got a 10-minute meditating session to enjoy, BRB.