Raleigh Woman Channeled Grief Into Purpose With A Company Aimed To "Make Skincare You Feel Good About”

Anne Suinner-Lawoyin created Anne's Apothecary in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Anne Suinner-Lawoyin

Anne Suinner-Lawoyin 

Anne Suinner-Lawoyin moved to the United States 14 years ago, earning a degree in nursing. When her mother’s health took a turn, she began thinking about a change, which went on to become a successful natural skincare brand.

“[Anne’s Apothecary] started just around the time my mother was diagnosed with cancer. During that time we, as a family, were becoming a lot more conscious of our consumption and I look towards skincare,” she says. “I do have a natural interest in alternative medicine and these are things that have kind of pushed my desire to make skincare more natural but still pleasant and not so boring.”

Experimenting with skincare and soap products became her hobby, giving her therapeutic time to herself during the tough period.

“I used to make bar soaps and I used to take it to work at the hospital and some of my coworkers would buy it and it really just kind of transitioned into there.”

Her work had introduced her to people with a variety of health concerns.

“It gave me the opportunity to learn more about skincare, gave me the opportunity to learn about people's problems and their chronic situations, issues such as eczema and acne and psoriasis and rosacea…Being in healthcare, I get to work with patients who have all these conditions.”

Something that’s been important to the business ethos is using quality ingredients and being straightforward with customers. Her line includes facial cleansers, moisturizers, and even aluminum-free deodorant.

“When you look at the survey of what's available most is obviously very commercial, most is obviously very produced. It may have ingredients such as mineral oil or ingredients that are designed for a product to last more on the shelves versus what's actually really good for someone to use daily,” she says. “That is why we say that our tagline is, we make skincare you feel good about.”

They’re also made to be multi-functional: “They're all intentional and they're all synergetic. They can be multi-use. For example, the toner can be used as a facial, hair spritz during the summer, moisturizing your skin during the winter. But it also acts as a natural toner.”

Anne’s Apothecary really took off during a six-month pop-up in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, where the company is based. She found how excited the local community was to buy her products online and at markets, even releasing a Raleigh scented candle.

Anne's Apothecary

Anne Suinner-Lawoyin

“If you go downtown, if you are walking down the streets or if you go to the green areas, the greenery and everything, that was my thoughts. And we just captured all of that into that.”

The local support has been ongoing, even amidst the pandemic. In the coming months, Anne’s Apothecary will open a brick-and-mortar store, which will have her beloved products available in reusable and refillable packaging. Locals will also be able to take advantage of subscription services.

“I did not know I had a lot of customers in Raleigh. I've seen people come in and say, ‘It's so great to see how far you've come. I'm so proud of you.’”

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