Amy Grant Calls Difficult Recovery From Bicycle Accident “Such A Gift”

The songstress opened up about her healing journey and getting her memory back.

Amy Grant


Five months after a scary bicycle accident, Amy Grant is back with new perspectives on life and music. 

Grant was thrown from her bike after hitting a pothole in Nashville on July 27. The "Baby, Baby" singer hit her head so hard that she was knocked unconscious for roughly 10 minutes. She postponed numerous concert dates in order to heal, and, as it turns out, recover her memory. 

"I don't remember the wreck. I don't remember the weeks right after that," Grant said in an interview with CBS Mornings last month. "It started off just trying to remember names of people in my family. A lot of sentences would start off, 'Are they dead or alive?'"

Despite a difficult healing process, she called the accident a gift. 

"Since 2020, I have just been flirting with death right and left," Grant, who underwent open-heart surgery two years ago, told CBS Mornings. "The three things I kept saying over and over again: 'I can't believe I have all my teeth.' 'Something's wrong with my shoulder.' And 'I needed this.'" 

"I think about how, like, what energy do I have left, and how would I like to use it differently? And it's been such a gift," she said. "And really the gift is: I loved music before anybody was listening, I wrote songs because they helped me understand life, and like I woke up saying, 'I still have that same toolkit, and I think I have one more good record in me.'"

After months of taking it easy, Grant made her triumphant return to the stage alongside Michael W. Smith in November. 

"I was nervous that first day," she told Fox News. "I forgot lyrics to songs that I wrote. I'm just on a healing journey, but this time here. You know, love and kindness is also very healing, and I'm not kidding—I feel filled up from head to toe."

Grant, who has won six Grammys and sold more than 30 million albums, was recognized as a Kennedy Center honoree on December 22. Following the award ceremony, she told Fox News that she feels like her “old rascally self."

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