This 30-Hour Train Ride Between New York And New Orleans Connects Dozens Of Southern Cities

Amtrak’s Crescent Route passes through the most states of any route.

Hop aboard Amtrak’s Crescent Route for one of the best ways to travel the South.

Amtrak's Crescent Route runs daily between New York City and New Orleans, servicing 32 stations across 1,377 miles of the southeastern United States including Washington, D.C., Charlottesville, Atlanta, and Birmingham. 

Crescent Lake Pontchartrain


“You can tour Monticello or enjoy a wine tasting in the charming Virginia college town of Charlottesville. Or enjoy a stroll through the vibrant shopping and dining scene of Underground Atlanta,” Amtrak’s website says. “As you travel further south, you'll reach New Orleans, where you never run out of things to do.”

The Crescent, Amtrak’s third-longest route in the East, passes through 13 states—more than any other Amtrak route in the country. 

Crescent Route


The journey between New York City and New Orleans takes 30 hours, but travelers who want to get off and explore certain cities along the route can purchase stop-specific tickets. We’re particularly fond of the ride in and out of New Orleans, when the train goes across beautiful Lake Pontchartrain.

Routes like the Crescent, which are part of Amtrak’s network of long distance trains, are ideal for travelers who are unable to fly or drive, including many senior citizens and persons with disabilities. These trains offer complete travel packages including roomettes (bedrooms) and food service.

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