This $12 Tool Will Make Your Most-Worn Sweaters Look Brand New

Bye, bye sweater fuzzies.

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Winter: a season when slow cookers are put to good use, gatherings translate to bonfires in the backyard, and the winter blues hit hard. But, my winter woes didn't come from the freezing temps or the ice on my car windshield. It came from the heap of pills that collected on my plush sweaters.

Fuzz was everywhere. As a Florida girl who wasn't used to temperatures below 60, I didn't know what to do to save my limited winter wardrobe. I turned to the internet for some sound advice. The first trick I found used a clean razor to scrape off the fuzzies. The method was decent, at best. After an hour of putting in the work, only half the fuzzies came off, and I was left with a pile of fabric fluff on my floor.

I knew there had to be a more powerful way of tackling the pilling on my beloved sweaters. Luckily, I stumbled upon this $12 Nooa Fuzz Remover on Amazon. One reviewer raved that it "made my sweaters look brand new." Another commented, "bye, bye fuzzies." I never clicked add to cart faster. I was determined my sweaters would make it out of the winter season looking brand new.

My defuzzer came two short days later, and my life was forever changed. I gathered my sweaters, from cashmere to wool, and went to work. The best part about this fabric shaver is that it collects the fuzzies in a compartment so there's no debris to clean up. It's also portable, easy to use, and comes with three different gear adjustments. I was done pilling my stack of sweaters in just thirty minutes, and the clean freak in me jumped with glee knowing I was going to save my winter wardrobe with a simple $12 tool. It not only works on sweaters and knitwear, but it also removes stubborn fuzz on furniture, curtains, and various clothing items (tights, leggings, and coats).

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As long as I have this mighty fabric defuzzer in my back pocket, winter can last as long as it wants. Sweater fuzz woes? Never again.

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