Alton Brown Says This 60-Second Recipe Is "One Of The Most Powerful Multitaskers In The Dessert Universe"

Keep a big batch in your freezer to make desserts easy all year long.

Since 2004, a sneaky little recipe has been hiding out in the Good Eats archives. You’ll find it under the unassuming name “Baker, Baker,” but what is that, really? It’s one of the best baked apple recipes, fans confirm, with a simple addition that really takes it over the top. Quite literally.

Resurfaced on Alton Brown’s website and renamed Whole Baked Apples with Oatmeal Streusel, this cozy dessert features a five-ingredient crumbly streusel that just so happens to be "one of the most powerful multitaskers in the dessert universe," Brown explains. 

streusel on top of baked apples

Caitlin Bensel; Food Stylist: Torie Cox

The base for this particular dish is a honey-drizzled baked apple, but your streusel options don’t stop there. Since “the streusel topping is to die for,” according to one fan, his recipe is designed to yield plenty of extra crumbly goodness. The “sweet, crisp cinnamon-oatmeal streusel,” Brown says, “can be baked on top of just about anything. I always make extra and freeze it in an old yogurt container so that I always have it on hand…until I use it up.”

To make it yourself, in a large bowl, toss together 3/4 cup rolled oats, 3/4 cup all-purpose flour, 2/3 cup packed light brown sugar, 1 teaspoon cinnamon, 1/2 teaspoon ground ginger, a pinch of kosher salt, and one stick (8 tablespoons) of cold, unsalted butter that you’ve diced. Using your clean hands, rub the mixture briskly between your fingertips until you notice a texture that resembles loose sand with moist clumps sprinkled in. 

From this point, you can either proceed with Brown’s recipe to stuff this inside and pile it atop cored, honey-adorned apples. Or follow fans’ leads and refrigerate (for up to 3 days) or freeze (for up to 3 months) the streusel to use any which way. 

Might we recommend:

  • on oatmeal
  • as a layer in a fruit and yogurt parfait or parfait pops
  • as a fruit crisp topping for any seasonal fruit. By the way, a fruit crisp usually contains oats. The topping for a fruit crumble is very similar, just sans-oats.
  • on ice cream
  • atop muffin batter (prior to baking)
  • for the top layer of a pie instead of a more-fussy lattice pastry
  • sprinkled onto a poured pancake batter (before flipping)
  • as a crunchy cheesecake recipe topping 
  • as a crown for coffee cake batter (prior to baking)
  • showered over a sweet bread pudding
  • folded into cake or waffle batter
  • tucked inside uncooked cinnamon rolls
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