10-Minute Floral Summer Centerpiece

Entertaining is in every Southerner's DNA, and simplifying the hostess role is crucial when you've got ladies luncheons, garden parties, bridal showers, and Sip & Sees to plan. We have to think of food, invitations, favors, flowers, decor, name cards, and activities for guests. One thing you can cross off your list? The table setting. Creating a beautiful tablescape for summer couldn't be simpler with this easy and elegant centerpiece from Senior Stylist Buffy Hargett. With a large, globular bowl, water, some lily grass, and a few colorful tulips, you are on your way to making a 10-minute piece that's sure to impress guests. Simply fill up the vase or bowl 3/4 of the way with water, and then submerge the lily grass in a decorative pattern around the sides. Weave your tulips under the lily grass around the bowl. This summer-inspired design is topped with floating candles to give ambient lighting at evening events, and won't cost you much to pull together.


Hi, I'm Buffy Hargut. I'm gonna show you a simple and inexpensive centerpiece for your summer entertaining. We're gonna start with a simple bubble vase. We're gonna add enough water to fill it about three quarters full. Start with about five strands of lily grass. This is gonna produce a really Interesting pattern on our vase. You can spread it out as you need to. Then we're gonna add some tulips. We've taken off most of the leaves of the tulips. Place the tulips inside and under the water. We're gonna add These floating candles to the top. [MUSIC] And add a few more flowers to the back. This is definitely an easy wow. The perfect centerpiece for your outdoor party this summer.
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