Squash & Kernel Corn Casserole with Cornbread

Join Southern gentleman and TV personality Chadwick Boyd as he makes his take on the classic Southern corn casserole: Squash & Kernel Corn Casserole with Cornbread. This warm and seasonal side fits in perfectly with your holiday dinners or entertaining, and it'll definitely please hungry guests.


Hey, everybody, I'm Chadwick Boyd and I'm cooking out one of my favorite recipes for fall and holiday for you guys at southern living. We got a few tricks that you can do at home just using some simple tools, so, let's get cooking. I've already got one small sweet onion of Vidalia if you have it, and three tablespoons of butters softening in a large skillet. And then I've taken one medium to large zucchini and yellow squash. And you want to cut it maybe about a little bit less than a quarter inch thick. And then we're going to pop these in the skillet, to soften it. And this takes about, I don't know, eight to ten minutes. You want to season as you go, and add some kosher salt. So I keep it right by the skillet. Mix it all together, give it a good [UNKNOWN] The trick to this casserole is we're gonna use some corn bread that I just bought it to the grocery store. Two cups and I've crumbled it with a little fork. The thing that gives this casserole some extra flavor is gratered cheese but we're not gonna use a ton of this. And to get a lot of flavor with less calories, you grate things on a micro [UNKNOWN] I'm going to mix this, a cup of it, into the two cups of cornbread, and mix it well so the cheese and the cornbread are the same size. We're gonna use some fresh corn today. But you could use a small package of frozen corn that you've thawed. I've got a bundt pan that's gonna catch all of our fresh corn. Just take your chef's knife. And just cut it along the cob, and see how easy the bundt pan catches that. And before you're done, you wanna take the back of your knife and you wanna milk the cob, just like this, to get all the good corn juices out of it. Once our zucchini and our squash is softened, we're gonna put it all together. [MUSIC] And then we're gonna add our fresh corn. Then I'm gonna give this a good mix, just to get everything all incorporated. Just wanna let this sit for about five and cool. And then we just add about two thirds of our cheese cornbread mixture and this is what's going to get this Crusty and cheesy and delicious, just like we want a casserole to be, and then you just move this into a casserole dish, and then the little bits of the cornbread cheese form the crust on top. Finish with a sprinkle of kosher salts and a few twists of black pepper, and then a tablespoon of melted butter. So, we're going to put this in the oven at 375 and bake it for about 35 or 40 minutes. [MUSIC] this casserole is just come out of the oven. Look how golden and bubbly this thing is and this is ready to plate it up right now. The corn bread and the sweet corn together, we're gonna make this casserole extra special for your holiday or your family get together. I promise you it's gonna be the next new hit. Enjoy you guys.
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