Make Your Own Valentine’s Day Coloring Cards

Abby Larson, founder of, has set our hearts aflutter with her simple, fresh ideas for Valentine’s Day crafts. From creative cards, to a heartfelt celebration, we’re giving you all the ideas you need to step up your DIY game this month. Tune in each Friday for a new post from Abby.

Moms are always looking for Valentines that don't add to the pile of candy, and many schools require no food cards these days - so we think that these printable coloring pages with washi taped crayons are the perfect treat-free alternative!

Materials: $5.16 Crayons $5.77 Spray adhesive $2.99 Red stripe washi tape $4.93 White cardstock White copy paper Scissors Crayon wrappers Coloring cards (set 1) Coloring cards (set 2)

Cost for 20 valentines (not including tools): $18.85 Cost per valentine: $0.94

Instructions: Step 1: Peel the original wrappers off the crayons. Download and print out the crayon wrappers on white copy paper and cut out the wrappers. Spray a light coat of spray adhesive to the backside of the wrapper and gently press onto the crayon. Repeat until you have 3 wrapped crayons for each card. Step 2: Download the coloring cards and print out onto white cardstock. Cut out along the gray lines. Step 3: Attach the crayons to the cards with a strip of striped washi tape.

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