Say "I Love You" in Silver: Handwritten Jewelry for Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day, say how you feel in a truly personal way. These unique pieces of silver jewelry use your (or your loved one's) actual handwriting or signature and will last much longer than words on paper. Here are some ideas that will be meaningful for years to come:

1. Heart Shaped Custom Handwriting Necklace by NowThatsPersonal, $24.00;

2. Signature Necklace by SilverHandwriting, $38.00;

3. Handwriting Domed Sterling Cuff by donnaOdesigns, $165.00;

4. Handwriting Ring by KPepperJewelry, $135.00;

5. Personalized Signature Bracelet by MackenzieTreasury, $48.00;

6. Handwriting Bracelet—Figure Eight Charm Bracelet by GracieAndMeDesign, $107.00;

7. Personalized Dog Tag Necklace by emilyjdesign, $45.00;

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