The True Definition Of Love... As Told By Kids

Adults have spent years researching the elusive definition of love, and many of us would argue that we still haven't quite figured it out. Our friends at Real Simple decided to turn to the experts on the subject – kids. These children are wise beyond their years. From parents kissing to classroom crushes, you have to hear what these adorable kids have to say about love.


Love means that you. [MUSIC] Love means like when people have affection for you. Like if you marry someone, that means you love them. Like your heart started beating fastly. When you're probably in love is when you're pretty old. My parents are in love because, like, they spend most of the time together. There's a kid in my class that...he loves someone. Sometimes when I come out of the hallway I see them, like, kissing. What do you do when you see mom and dad kissing? I just quickly run back into my room. [MUSIC] You don't marry to soon. You have to have a couple years with that person until you marry. Maybe you can take care of them or say something nice to them. Maybe they'll tell each other they love each other. You can write a letter or poem. Don't be mean to each To each other because it makes people sad. [MUSIC]
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