Unified Voices from Charleston

The horrific shooting that took the lives of nine churchgoers threatened to rip the city of Charleston apart. But by responding with incredible public displays of emotion, compassion, love, and unity, Charleston has set an example for the entire country.


[MUSIC] I mean it was an incredible tragedy. They're hurt behind this because it happened in God's house. Gun violence shouldn't happen in anywhere but it happened in God's house. And I'm very proud of South Carolina and how they've responded as a community. They've come together and not been more divided. [CROSSTALK] It's just sad. It's sad. A sad moment, it really is. Everybody's lives matter here in Charleston, and that's the message that we're trying to prove. Like I said, there may be a few ignorant individuals, but for the majority, we've come together. I mean, I've seen people weeping, I mean crying, coming together in unity. It is It's been incredible. The love of God is being shared abroad by the holy spirit. We've shown in these just couple of days that love is stronger here in Charleston, and I believe in this world, than hate. I think we'll be an example to the world as how to live together in peace And we need more of that in this world. Love will just be able to cover all, and that's what's happening now We are Charleston Strong. We are Charleston Strong. We are [INAUDIBLE]. We are- Woo! [APPLAUSE] That was some good [INAUDIBLE]
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