Vince Gill On His New Album, His Success, and The Time Jumpers' Unique Sound

Vince Gill is a country legend, and not just for the rows of Grammys in his Nashville studio. From his songwriting to rich voice, the star has covered everything from soulful ballads to spiritual hymns. In honor of The Time Jumpers' new album Kid Sister, we sat down with the acclaimed musician to hear about his first Opry experience, stories about the band's unique sound, what the album means to him, and when he knew that he'd "made it" in the industry. Find The Time Jumper's new album, Kid Sister, on iTunes.


I like being with my buds and playing music. And it's what makes me tick. [MUSIC] Very, very, very much. It was probably about 89, I think. Jenny told this story the other night on the stage. She was gonna be in her first grade talent show. She asked me to teach her a song and play guitar for her, so we learned You Are My Sunshine. Middle of that week, the Opry called. And I'd never been able to play there to that point, and always wanted to. And they called and said, hey, we've been watching your career and we like what you do, would you come out and guest on the Opry? I said, I'd love to. Just say when. They said, well, Saturday night. This Saturday night? Yeah, I said, man I can't make it. I'm booked at the Grassland Elementary School. [LAUGH] Anyway, they invited me back. [MUSIC] I think the whole time. And I know this sounds like an odd answer, but I felt like I made it because I made a living, wasn't much of a living, there was some Mighty, mighty, mighty lean years. You know, and I look back on those years and go, how on earth could you have possibly survive only making a few thousand dollars a year? Or whatever it was, you know. But I did. It was great knowing I didn't need much and I still don't. You know, I have plenty and I've accomplished plenty. In all of that but my lifestyle hasn't changed that much, got a few more guitars than I used to and that's about it. [MUSIC] It's an interesting band in that it sounds kinda timeless, it steeped in western swing, a lot of people this day and age are probably not gonna understand what western swing is. It was the music that was Popular in the 30s and 40s. It's a derivative of big band music and from the same time period. We do the same kind of thing only with Western influences, Fiddles, Steal guitars more countryfied type instrumentation. There's not a lot of it around but it's a It's an amazing feeling music. It makes you feel good. [MUSIC] It's a song I wrote for Dawn Sayers, who was the real light in the Time Jumpers for a long, long time. And lost her to cancer a year and a half ago. And, she just, was easily one of the finest singers I ever heard. And I had the great privilege of her being in my band for over 20 years. She sang so good, and she was so solid, that I could do anything I wanted around her, and come in, come out. Bend notes, go this way, that way. And I knew she was never gonna falter. And it was amazing. To get to sing, knowing that that kid had my back. It was great. And so when she passed, she deserved a song.
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