We do things a little differently here in the South – things that the rest of the world doesn't know too much about. We know that sweet tea is a staple, and that you should wave to someone as you're driving down the street. Our Mamas taught us 'Yes ma'am!' and 'No, sir!' and we know that our Grandma (or Gigi, or Nana, or Grandmother) will always make the best biscuits. From our manners to our barbecue to our (sometimes over-the-top) team spirit, here are ten things that only Southerners can relate to.

10 Things Only Southerners Know

  1. College rivalries are everything. You’re for one team or the other, regardless of where you actually went to school.
  2. Tea is sweet, and served on ice.
  3. Honey, Sugar, Dumpling, Pumpkin, and Sweetie Pie are not usually referring to food.
  4. 90 degrees is a nice summer’s day; it’s the humidity we can’t stand.
  5. Good food is even better when fried or made into a casserole.
  6. Making conversation with strangers in public is just good manners.
  7. Barbecue doesn’t mean cookout. It's juicy, slow-cooked meat smothered in sauce.
  8. An inch of snow can shut down a whole state.
  9. It is courteous to hold the door open for someone, even if they’re 20 feet away.
  10. Tailgating is an occasion for your Sunday best, just a day early and in team colors.

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