The South's Tastiest Towns: Miami

Photo courtesy of Ben Fink
A culinary Mrs. Robinson (mature, refined, sexier than ever) with a Southern accent.

Star Tastemaker
Michael Schwartz at Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink, for his understanding that less is more.

Best Bites
Deviled eggs ($10) with fresh dill and smoked trout roe at Yardbird Southern Table & Bar; Jose Mendín’s Kimchee Fried Rice with pork belly and pineapple ($16) at Pubbelly Gastropub; pork chop al pastor ($36) with black bean sofrito and polenta at Andrew Carmellini’s Miami Beach outpost of The Dutch.

Tequila Beets ($11) with tequila, lime, house- made chamomile syrup, roasted beet juice, and bitters at Bloom.


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