New Years Traditions

New Years was celebrated with a "most dangerous tradition" at Rick Bragg's childhood home. Learn why his New Years was a loud one—it's not the fireworks!


Hi. I'm Rick Bragg. As sophisticated as I might appear to be, New Year's at our house was had probably the most dangerous tradition I've ever heard of. People do all kind of odd things on New Year's. They get a little inebriated and blow a whistle but at our house, my brother Sam and his friends at the stroke of the stroke of midnight on New Year's. They all went out into the yard with their guns. And there was one stump that they fired at. Like one, two, three fire. And all my cousins and their friends. Would shoot the same stump. The problem is, over the years, they blew the stump away. So that by now, they're really just shooting at a hole in the ground. But I'm pretty sure they're still shooting. I guess y'all didn't need to know that.
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