Straight from the Stars: Southern Traditions Worth Passing Down

We chatted with a few of our favorite stars to find out the traditions that they think are worth passing down. From food to fooball, the colorful responses ran the gamut. Join our favorite country stars on the red carpet to learn which Southern traditions they hold most dear, as well as the personal stories that are behind them.


At Southern Living we love to talk about tradition and family. What is your favorite Southern tradition that you have to pass down to your children? Take them to church. Now are there any Southern traditions that you're passing onto your children? Oh my gosh, my Aunt Freda taught me how to make the best chicken and dumplings, so I've taught my daughter how to do it. What is one Southern tradition that you would pass down to your children? Oh, man. Chivalry. That's a good one. Absolutely. And cooking, making home-cooked meals. Yeah. Always, always be a lady. Is there a southern tradition that you are trying to pass on to your children? University of Texas football.
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