Stars Spill On Their Favorite Southern Expressions

Southern stars share their favorite Southern expressions and, bless their hearts, they just about named all of our favorites.


Favorite southern expression? [LAUGH] too many to count you know how you're gonna go down to the Sonic or the Walmart? Yeah That's one of them, madder than a wet hen She made a freight train take a dirt road. Bless her heart. [LAUGH]. Which is, opposite of what they really mean [LAUGH]. Bless your heart, that kinda means like, F you, but in a nice way. Oh, bless your heart. When somebody says bless your heart, it's never positive. Yeah, can you say it in your most passive aggressive way? Bless your heart. [LAUGH] Good job. You know the first time I went down to the, came down to the south, it wasn't an expression, but I just could not believe that there was a store called The Piggly Wiggly. I just, I, I, I, I, I couldn't believe it. Best Southern expression. Dang it. I say dang it all the time, cuz I don't like to curse. Dang. Dang. Fixin. A lot of people don't understand fixin. That's actually a word. And you don't need the G on there. I'm fixin to go and talk to some more people, when I get done talking to you. Bye-bye now. You all come back now, ya hear. [MUSIC]
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