The South's Best Swimming Holes

Cool off this summer as every Southerner should: on an inner tube.

Wakulla Springs, Florida
In Florida’s Wakulla Springs, float next to a manatee in the year-round 70-degree water. Stop by the Wakulla Springs Lodge, celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, to see an excellent Art Deco example of Florida’s “land boom” era.

Little River, Townsend, TN
You’re in for a swifter ride on the Little River in Townsend, Tennessee. Between runs down this 1.5-mile Smoky Mountain favorite, stop at Miss Lily’s Cafe, a newly remodeled lunch spot just feet from the river’s bank. If the Ozarks are closer to home.

Current River, Missouri
Tube down Missouri’s Current River, where trips on this crystal clear, cliff-lined river range can go for miles and the water’s an always brisk 50-70 degrees.



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