The Southern Way To Cook Bacon

Say no to nuking—it’s just disrespectful to bacon. This method produces perfectly crunchy slices and delicious bacon drippings that are worth their weight in gold.

The best part about frying bacon is the delicious, golden drippings. A jar full of bacon grease goes a long way in the South. Use the drippings to coat the pan before adding biscuit dough and baking away in the oven for biscuits with perfectly crisp bottoms and pillow-like interiors. Add to a hot cast-iron skillet before pouring in cornbread batter and you will soon have the most delicious cornbread you have ever tasted. For a quick and delicious breakfast that brings flavor to the table in a major way, cook your bacon in a cast-iron skillet. When the bacon is finished cooking, remove it from the pan and add lightly beaten eggs. Soon you’ll have scrambled eggs that barely need a dash of salt thanks to delicious bits of bacon and tasty drippings.

Cooking bacon in the skillet is also the preferred method even when it’s not the main star of the meal. If you are cooking a pasta dish with bacon, whipping up a Cobb salad, or simply adding a garnish on your favorite deviled egg recipe, you’ll still need deliciously crispy and perfectly cooked bacon. Now, if you’re making bacon for a crowd, you might want to opt for our oven method. Frying up batch after batch might produce just a little too much bacon grease (if there is such a thing) and might end up proving to be a major time commitment. And, if we’re being honest, bacon can hold its own when it comes to being Southern. As long as you are not nuking it, there’s more than one Southern way to cook bacon.


[MUSIC] My favorite way to make bacon, well, that's to fry it. Why? Well, A. it's just disrespectful to bacon to nuke it. I think that is just flat wrong, and two, you can't save all the bacon drippings. Here in the south we use those drippings for everything. We use them for biscuits, we use them to. Fry up eggs in the morning and maybe your roast chicken at night. Bacon grease, well, I think it's good for you. [MUSIC]
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