Introducing the Southern Living Hotel Collection

Hand-picked by us, the Southern Living Hotel Collection is a carefully selected series of the most delightful hotel experiences the South has to offer. Plan your next escape today at


[MUSIC] I'm Lindsay Bierman, editor of Southern Living. Every month our team of writers and photographers travel across the south, to bring you the best new places to stay, shop, eat or just take in the scenery. We also love to rediscover classic destinations that continue to comfort and delight visiters with their time honored traditions. This month, we're taking our travel coverage to a whole new level, with the introduction of the Southern Living hotel collection. And I'd like to be the first to invite you to experience our hand chosen selection, of iconic hotels and resorts that offer the gracious hospitality and cultural experiences that you'll only find here in the South. Our collection has something for everyone. Romantic hideaways, family getaways, culinary retreats, and even a sportsman's paradise. Visit to find out which hotels we invited to become charter members. And what we love about each property. [MUSIC]
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