Mongoose Versus Cobra: The Last Word

Shafer Hall and Mike Sammons of Mongoose Versus Cobra, Houston, TX, show readers how to mix up a quintessential cocktail: The Last Word.


[INAUDIBLE] Hello, welcome to Mongoose Versus Cobra. My name is Shaffer Holt I'm Mike Fitzsimmons and today we're going to make for you a classic cocktail for you called The Last Word. Lets start with three quarters of an ounce of lemon dry gin by Bouls [NOISE] Matching portion of freshly squeezed lime juice. Give it some freshness. We use our maraschino to provide sweetness, and chartreuse will add that certain something. Including a green color. [NOISE] Throw some ice in there. Give her a shake. [NOISE] [SOUND] I am straining into a cocktail glass. Preferably with a cocktail glass with that horse on it. [SOUND] And we will garnish. Because that's the line, and there you have the last word, with a little harness racer on it.
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