Sponsored: Sunday Funday

Members of the Dread Clampitt Band share what Sunday Funday is all about.


[MUSIC] I feel like this area is unique because when you're here, even though you're working, you feel like you're on vacation. You feel like this is a place that you can enjoy yourself. We've been playing 14 years This year will be our 14th. When I first came here, it was an artist community. Everybody was supportive of the arts, visual arts, music, if you were creative the community welcomed you. You could play anything from Jimi Hendrix to straight bluegrass and everybody was really cool with that. So the community itself is one of the reasons I like to go here. Being a musician I'm on, like, musician time. And then, there's beach time, where you kind of double lay back. Well, down here, it's double laid back. Sunday Funday is hanging out with your friends, catching up with family and neighbors, people you haven't seen, enjoying each other. I equate it to the fellowship hall after church, where you go and talk to your neighbors who you haven't talked to in a long time. It's very entertaining. You never know what's going to happen. [MUSIC] Who's gonna roll in. So, I wrote this song, Twilight Tune, along with [UNKNOWN] and I lived in a one hundred year old that was built with trees that were milled in the area. ANd driving through the state park here where they had the indigenous long leaf and slash pines. That part of nature, just like when people say, Florida it's oak tree and moss. And here it's the long [UNKNOWN], which is this real gnarly, knotty pine tree. It's not your tall, straight pine with perfect needles, but it has a lot of character to it. When you walk into the woods and you see those kind of elements, it's really inspiring and part of [UNKNOWN]. When you can go one mile that way and walk in the woods, clear your head. Over here you're on the beach, Out there on the bay. We are like literally a couple hundred yards from the beach. The beach is right there. It's amazing. There's so many resources for you to enjoy yourself in the community. I'm Paul [UNKNOWN] I'm Walter Saunders. We're [UNKNOWN]. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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