Sponsored: Peace, Love, Beach, and Singer Songwriter

Two residents of South Walton share why South Walton is the perfect place to call home.


[MUSIC] I'm a musician at [UNKNOWN] Studios in Blue Mountain Beach. I was a server, I was a bartender, I was a rental manager and none of that was fulfilling for me. I didn't feed my soul so when I was 20 I decided to drop out of college and I quit my job and I came out here with my guitar and my dogs And I've been here ever since. I love having my shop here in South Walton because I get to work with a lot of other businesses that are local here. Yoga studios, health practitioners, chiropractors. We get to support our community on their journey in health and And we get to do it in a really beautiful place right across the street from the beach. I guess probably the music scene is my favorite thing. You know any night of the week you can go out and you can find any world class musician out here performing. You know we have rock and roll, we have americana, we have blue grass, we have country artists. In anything that you could potentially ever want to listen to, somebody plays it out here and just to be a part of that community has really helped me. > To be here in this community is really fantastic. You know who the people are that you're making food for. You know the business owners. You can go to the beach and spend time with your friends or you can go out into the woods. You know, and spend time by yourself. A perfect day for me would be waking up early, get some beach time in, play in the waves, do some yoga meditation and then get to spend the evening playing music with my friends and I can do all of that here in South Walton. I grew up around the beach my entire life. Being out on the beach and near the water is very special to me because I feel like it helps me recharge. I have to be able to bond with the elements. If I'm nowhere near salt water I feel like I can't function correctly. I chose South Belton because of the lifestyle The community is really tight knit and they really support the arts, so this place just feels like home. The surroundings and the people, the relationships that I've made that everybody the way that the land makes me feel here, it feels like home to me.
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