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South Walton serves as an encouraging community to a countless number of artists and musicians.


[MUSIC] My name is Chris Alvarado and I'm a musician but I'm also the owner of Driftwood Guitars, here in South Walden. I grew up 20 miles North of here and it's a whole different world. Everybody says, South Walden is just so different. What makes it special, is that everybody is doing what they love. I moved here to be a business owner Musicians or to be painters and sculptors. Everybody's kind of pushing each other to do better and do more, and you can't help but feed off of that energy. There are a ton of artists up and down 38 and in South Walton. Juan Fransisco is one of my favorites. I think a lot of artists come here to the Gettysburg Send such a big out community. [INAUDIBLE] me about [INAUDIBLE] beach. The colors, the textures, the sound. As people who do glass blowing, Allison crafts, she does hand made leather, and pearl jewelery which sell not only all around the area but to musicians all over the country. tree. Everybody's so encouraging for what you do and it's just such a tight knit community. And they're here because they want to be and they're here because it's such a cool place to live. I've always admired what they do and it's inspired me to not just build guitars but to build guitars that I feel like are art as well. It takes about four months to build a guitar and I"m by myself in the shop doing it so it's really neat to finally put it out there and let people see when I get done with it. See people's reactions to both the guitars and the songs. We live in a community where people can do art and people support it. So many people struggle to make a living as an artist, whether it's a musician A painter or a sculptor. And around here, if you believe in it, everybody supports you. Everybody else believes in you, and that's such a really neat thing. Not many places In the world really offered that. South Walton is different because it's a tight-knit community that don't really exist anymore. When you're here, it's not really this tangible thing, but you can just feel it. People who come here go, I just love this place. And that's what makes this area special. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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