Sponsored: Florida Dinner and a Show

The best place to find dinner and a show, all under one roof.


[MUSIC] The experience playing here in South Walton as an artist is fantastic. To be here, it really opened the door for me to grow as a musician. To me, the size of this place is perfect for us all to get to enjoy each other and support each other. I believe this place cultivates a lifestyle for artists but there's a lot of entrepreneurs here and there's a lot of artists and there's a lot of musicians. There's something about it here that everybody gets to thrive and do really well. I see a lot of people here that are allowed to To just be an artist all the time and that's pretty awesome. > Playing a fine dining or really any restaurant around here, I feel like diners come in and are pleasantly surprised. To get fantastic flavors, interesting people, and really good music all under the same roof. South Walton is full of places like that. That's what I love about being a songwriter and a musician down here. There's lots of inspiration. Here you got the great Southern. It's our classic Great Southern, mix in all the fresh local ingredients, fresh seafood and you've got a dynamic spot here, right in front Right here at sea side. I chose South Walton because it's such a wonderful spot. You just look around and you could see everything. Everything from beautiful beaches on this side. On the other side it's old Florida giant oaks, moss. Crack up in the morning go [INAUDIBLE] fishing then go paddle boarding, surf, go watch music at the Red Bar. All in the same day, and you've only driven two miles. When I get a chance Walk down the street here and you really are taken in with the natural beauty of this place. Any time I leave and come back to town, it hits me how awesome it is to be here. I love all the foodies in South Walton, all the great chefs, all the great people. That love to eat, to the farmers that love to grow the food, to the fishing captains who catch the fish, they all bring it all together, and a little music, and it's wonderful. [MUSIC]
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