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YOLO Board and The 30A Company are two of the brands that are proud to call South Walton home.


[MUSIC] South of Walton is 26 miles of the most beautiful beaches In the continental United States. 15 of the rarest coastal dune lakes in the world, hundreds of acres of forests with hundreds of miles of trails to explore, it's just a great lifestyle. It's just the perfect community for a brand like Yolo Board to exist. The 38 brand is kind of about small-town American. It meets the beach. I mean, everybody here is happy, I mean they want to be here. It's a return to simpler times, it's a return to family, it's a return to friends and it's a return to appreciating the simple things in life. YOLO obviously means Means you only live once, and we named the company that because it was gonna be a life pursuit. So to remind ourselves daily that we live in a community like this. We should take advantage of all the great lifestyle opportunities. People save their money all year long to come down here for just a few days. We're fortunate enough to have all of these resources in our backyard. South Walton for me is all about being In the moment and enjoying all the great things that are put out before you. But what really brings us together and has brought us together over the years is community. The roots of the community, the soul of the community is really still very simple. And this is a place where people are coming and building the life they want to live. It's a small town, but it's a small town that's just busting with a lot of great things. I think everything you find here on 30A and in South Walton, it's centered around design. The artists are a big inspiration, amazing restaurants, amazing nightlife, amazing trails and coastal [UNKNOWN], and 30A's really about kind of returning To a simpler time. Not only has self walk been our choice as a home base for YOLO board but it's been a big part of the inspiration. And I think both the YOLO board brand and the 38 brand, they were born out of what existed here. They're as authentic as they get because they're both born from the lifestyle that people have enjoyed here for decades. For us it's trying to integrate that on a daily basis as possible. We really I just wanted to kind of capture it in a way that visitors would instantly recognize as truly locally authentic. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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