[MUSIC] I'm Morgan Murphy. I have traveled 10,000 miles this summer to find the very best food in the south. Come along with me as I show you the south's best restaurants, Off the Eaten Path. I'm Morgan Murphy, you're watching Off the Eaten Path, and today we're in Athens, Georgia. Now, Athens is a college town. Now, when I was in college in 1992, an album came out that was my favorite album by REM, called Automatic for the People. Where'd they get that title? Well, it happens to come from this restaurant right behind me. This is called Weaver D's. Weaver D, man, shouts out any time you order something, automatic for the people. So let's go in, order some fried chicken, some squash casserole, all that great soul food that Weaver D cooks up. [MUSIC] I'm Morgan Murphy, Off the Eaten Path. Hi, I'm Weaver D, thanks, for coming to Weaver D's. You bet. Thanks for having us, this is awesome. Okay. I wanna try some of that cornbread and squash casserole I've heard so much about. Okay, come on let me show you how it's made. Alright. [MUSIC] So tell me about squash casserole and Weaver D's. Okay, this is one of our top sellers, this squash casserole. Why I can see that, it smells so good, I can see why. When we are out of this, it look like we are out of everything. What is the definition of soul food. Soul food is a, they usually is a food that is cooked by black people that have a lot of love and a lot of seasoning in it. When you think of soul food you think of collard greens. Fat back, bacon dripping and all those things. All that good stuff that we love. Helps to define soul food. But is loved by black people, white people, all people. All people. Automatic. But its cool. Tell me again about how you got automatic for the people. When I worked at a fast food chain, the manager over me told the assistant managers that when hourly employees do not report for duty then we work to work a double shift. Back then we was hoping everybody come to work so that we could go home and what was supposed to, but you know when they have those cook outs 4th of July, Memorial day, Labor day. Mm-hm. They're gonna stay out. So managers would usually have to pull a double shift. Ugh. So I just combined automatic for the people. Automatic double shift. Double shift that's automatic. So I combined automatic which means really quick and efficient and it went on to become an international slogan. Automatic for the People. Automatic. And then REM, one of my favorite bands, hanging by. [CROSSTALK] Did they, did they just eat here regularly? They ate here, and they knew of my slogan. They always spotlight things that are going on in their city, and they were saying it was most fitting for their next album title. [MUSIC] Man, I can not wait to tuck into this fried chicken. Mm. That is crunchy and delicious. Man, this is rock star fried chicken. If you wanna be a rock star, come to Weaver D's in Athens, Georgia. It's automatic for the people. [MUSIC]
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