Best Family Stay: The Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte, NC

Photo: Van Chaplin
We picked this Charlotte, NC hotel as one of our favorite new family stays.

The Ritz-Carlton
Charlotte, North Carolina; 704/547-2244

The Digs
146 eco-luxurious rooms: Bose entertainment systems, flat-panel TVs, rich wood furniture, Frette linens, and floor-to-ceiling windows. You’d never suspect you're at an environmentally focused, LEED-designed property.

You'll Love It If
You’d like to show your kids they don’t have to suffer to love the planet: a rooftop garden, staff uniforms made of recycled plastic bottles, a bike valet, and bedtime stories. 

Don't Miss
The beehives on the roof (80,000 honeybees hard at work), and the hotel’s honey-pecan ice cream they help produce. “Mother Nature,” takes families on hotel eco-tours and delivers toys and games to kids via wagon.

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