The Surprisingly Cheap Eats at the Masters

We've got plenty of gorgeous Southern golf courses to hit a few rounds in our region. But, none of these can compare to a trip to the world-famous Masters tournament. However, going to the Masters in Augusta, Georgia can be extremely expensive. You could spend up to $9000 on a week-long badge for just one person. So, with such steep ticket prices, you'd think that food would be expensive too, right? Wrong – food at golf's biggest tournament is actually the best deal around. While you may be dropping $12 on a beer at other sports' games, food and drinks at the Masters are in the line of cheap concessions. The iconic Masters pimiento cheese sandwich will set you back only around $1.50, with muffins and coffee also costing under $2. A beer only costs between $4-$5, and a BBQ sandwich falls under $5. So, if you're planning on saving up for next year's tournament – just set aside a handful of quarters to quench your appetite as told by our friends at Coinage.


[SOUND] Coinage, life, well spent. Presented by GEICO. Going to the Masters can be extremely expensive. You can spend up to $9,000 on a week long badge for one person. You'd think with such a pricey entrance fee, the food would be expensive too, right? Wrong! But $12 beers and $8 hotdogs for other sports championship games are unheard of at golf's biggest event. Instead ultra-cheap concessions are par for the course. Here's how much a typical day at the Masters cost last year. Prices are unlikely to increase much if at all this year. For breakfast an egg salad sandwich is only $1.50. And a blueberry muffin costs a dollar. Wake yourself up for golf with some brew, coffee is only a $1.50. For lunch, you can score a barbeque sandwich for three bucks or a club sandwich for two fifty. Top it off with a soda for one fifty or a beer for four to five dollars. A Masters beer costs about as much as a bottled water at other sporting events. For dessert, the unforgettable Georgia peach ice cream sandwich is a must have at only 2 bucks. It's a huge scoop of peach ice cream smushed between two sugar cookies. Yum. Last but certainly not least, grab the legendary pimento cheese sandwich at $1.50. If you bought everything on our meal Plan including all four sandwiches, it's still less than 20 bucks for a whole day of dining. That's less than a hotdog and beer combo at the big football game. It's a tradition unlike any other. Coinage. Life, well spent. Presented by GEICO.
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