The Perfect Eating Day in Birmingham

Photo: Robbie Caponetto
Visit some of the eateries that made Birmingham, AL, one of the Tastiest Towns in the South

Start with a cappuccino, made with Primavera coffee and Wright Dairy milk, and a cherry-and-rosemary scone at Trattoria Centrale (, a bustling Italian bistro tearing up the downtown scene with a local focus—eggplant and tomatoes are harvested from a rooftop garden. Owner Geoff Lockert and chef Brian Somershield also just opened El Barrio (, a modern Mexican joint.

For lunch, get messy with a tangy pulled-pork sandwich or smoked chicken with white barbecue sauce from Saw’s BBQ (

Later, order a Vieux Carré and a dozen briny raw oysters at Highlands Bar and Grill ( with a chaser of the famous silky, buttery stone-ground baked grits with mushrooms and salty ham.

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