A New Stay at Callaway

Annette Thompson
Callaway Lodge and Spa

A Garden Setting
Step out the back door of the Lodge onto a handsome patio. Made up of several outdoor sitting rooms, it features fountains, a fireplace, and a naturally landscaped pool area. It’s the kind of place to gather ideas to take home for your own plot of land. •

Callaway Gardens: www.callawaygardens.com or 1-800-225-5292. Packages at the Lodge and Spa start at $252 a night.

A Natural Spa
Botanical trends in spas across the world are hot now. But nowhere else can claim the heritage of Callaway Gardens, which transformed from an overworked cotton farm into one of the world’s greatest landscapes. Today the spa here works to rejuvenate guests. Best of all, this handsome new facility adjacent to the fitness rooms caters to male as well as female guests. Don’t miss the popular Lemon Verbena Body Polish ($165); it’s perfect after a hard day of looking at flowers or putting on the greens.


"A New Stay at Callaway" is from the March 2008 issue of Southern Living.