Hike the Revamped Roan Mountain

Photo: Kennan Harvey
Take in breathtaking vistas and blooms with a springtime hike on Roan Mountain on the North Carolina/Tennessee border.

Footsloggers Guided Tours
footsloggers.com or 800/262-5121 

Roan Mountain is a collection of rare mile-high bald knobs hugging the North Carolina/Tennessee border with 360-degree views worthy of a Julie Andrews solo. Hike a choice half-mile section of the Appalachian Trail leading to Round Bald, a 5,826-foot-high meadow along Roan with postcard-worthy views. Wildflowers bloom in spring, and June brings flowering purple rhododendron. Roan was closed to day hikers in 2010 for trail rehab and grassland restoration, so the mountain has never looked better. Visit Footsloggers Outfitters in Boone for maps.



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