Small Town Southern Dive

Nine miles from everywhere, this hometown South Carolina restaurant serves the best fried pies around. Find more diners and dives from Off the Eaten Path.


I'm Morgan Murphy. I have traveled 10,000 miles this summer to find the very best food in the south. Come along with me as I show you the south's best restaurants off the eaten path. I'm Morgan Murphy, you're watching Off the Eaten Path and today we're really off the eaten path. We're in Sailer, South Carolina, which is nine miles [MUSIC] I think south of Anderson and six miles due west of due west, anyway if you see the big chicken you're close to where we're going today and that's Grits & Groceries, some of the best food in South Carolina. Let's go in and have a taste. [MUSIC] So, hi. [MUSIC] Where are we? We're actually in the center of the Universe. Well, clearly. Yes. We're nine miles to due west, nine miles to Honeypad, nine miles to Belvyn, nine mile to Anderson and nine mile to Star up. So we're nine miles from anywhere. That's right. Anywhere that needs to come here, nine miles. It's awesome so. You'll know you're here though when you see the giant chicken. Outside. What's the chicken's name? His name is Roody Cocks. He is the Palmetto Pecker. Oh. Okay. He had an official contest to see what his name should be. Roody Cocks the Palmetto Pecker. That's right. And why is it Saylor with a y? It's a family name. Okay. The Saylor Family, at this crossroads. Joining with Joe Trophy is the mastermind of all things baked here at Grits and Groceries. Joe, you've been in baked goods a long time. I have, and my whole family has run bakeries. My grandfather started a bakery in the 30s. His cousins had bakeries. Pretty much my whole family. Your whole family's in bread? Yep, they are. Yep, so Here in the South, that's a good thing, especially if you're making fried pies. And these are awesome. Tell me what these are. These are fried apple pies. We have these every day, it's one of the staples here at [UNKNOWN] during the season. We do have some fresh blueberry pies, or strawberry [UNKNOWN] pies. [UNKNOWN] pies are like for. [UNKNOWN] jellybeans, bourbon, salt, and, a little salt and bourbon. But anyway, pie. Don't forget the bacon. The bacon here is fantastic. The [UNKNOWN] bacon, that's gotta be a best seller. Thanks for having me in. [MUSIC] OK I'm about to dig into this beautiful tomato pie and I cannot wait. There is nothing better in the summer than some fresh tomatoes, in a pie! One of my 4 southern food groups. What could be better? This is so buttery, tart and delicious. You're gonna love it. Get to South Carolina and try some. [MUSIC] I'm Morgan Murphy. You've been watching Off the Eaten Path. Grits and Groceries is one you really need [MUSIC] You need to check out. This goat's got it right. This cornbread. It is delicious.
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