Georgia Barbecue

Peach State Barbecue

Drive 50 miles in any direction in Georgia, and you'll find barbecue pulled here, chopped there, and soaked in sauces of all kinds. Our Bill McDougald, native Georgian and Executive Director of the Southern Progress Homes Group, loves the vinegar sauce of Holcomb's Barbeque in White Plains. Associate Livings Editor Nancy Dorman-Hickson and husband Mark considered an additional vow when they married: "To love, honor, and share Fincher's Barbecue." Mark grew up eating at this Macon establishment, where a mixture of ketchup, mustard, vinegar, and Worcestershire sauce soaks the pork.

While much of Georgia runs red with ketchup, Columbus favors mustard. "It came from millworkers," surmises Clay Gullatt, owner of Mike & Ed's Barbecue. Scott Ressmeyer of Country's Barbecue says, "It goes back to the African American cooks here. All the old barbecue places used mustard."

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