Photo: Pat and Chuck Blackley/Alamy

Ziplines, hiking trails, white water, and breathtaking fall color; the New River Gorge in West Virginia is the ideal Southern autumn adventure.

Adventures on the Gorge or 800/252-7784

Fall colors are stunning when viewed from the ground, but they’re downright electrifying when zipping through the leaves 200 feet above terra firma. Ziplines are all the rage in the South (think Costa Rican canopy tour through Southern hardwoods), but West Virginia’s Adventures on the Gorge may have the others beat. Why? Location. Stay at one of their cabins near the rim of the 1,000-foot-deep New River Gorge and you can zip through the trees like Tarzan, hike to views of the gorge in fall bloom, even raft the Gauley River, which becomes a white-water paradise during September and October dam release season.

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